Who needs all those Bells and Whistles?

Where is the beep? Oh that's right, I'm on my old "regular" machine and it doesn't beep!

I remember thinking, (as I was watching the demonstration of the Singer Futura by Ruth, the Singer lady, while she was pointing out to me all the 'bells and whistles' of the machine) who needs all those fancy bits?

What needlewoman can't thread a needle, or know when the thread has broken, or the bobbin has run out?

Err, well, it appears - me!

Today was the first time in months that I have used my old regular sewing machine and the first thing I noticed was that the eye of the needle was much smaller than I remembered.

Who needs a needle threader? not me, that's for sure, I can thread a needle in the blink of an eye, I remember thinking. OK, so maybe my eyesight has deteriorated a smidge in the last 6 months?

But honestly, who needs a beep to tell them the thread has run out?

Err again - me! ask me who just sewed a whole seam without even noticing I hadn't threaded the needle! You would think the stupid machine would have told me something was wrong instead of letting me sew at least half way round the bag wouldn't you?

Oh dear, so the answer to the questions is - ME ME ME

In my defense, I was having to concentrate on where the fabric was going, there was no nice hoop to move everything around under the needle for me.

So the answer is, I need all those bells and whistles, and needle threaders, and warning beeps for almosts everything!

Now where did I put those magnifying glasses?

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Comment by GrandmaShari on July 9, 2009 at 11:01pm
lol this is great and I know exactly how you feel
Comment by Phyllis on May 28, 2009 at 1:35pm
Oh Margaret, I find that is soooo true for me also! Phyllis

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