My dear husband has unwittingly made the decision for me, I have finally decided that I need a dedicated sewing room.

Until now I've always had my sewing machine in the spare bedroom and pulled out the stuff I need when I've needed it. Being a spare bedroom the biggest flat surface is, of course, the bed! So it gets covered with my spreading out the thread boxes, fabric, etc. until the duvet is almost lost completely.

So what changed? Last weekend DH hurt his back and has taken himself off to the spare room, where he says the bed is more comfortable for his poorly back.

Which means that I now have to put all my "toys" away after every sewing session as he insists that bobbins of thread are not the best bed mates.

We've got another empty bedroom (well apart from the suitcases, ironing board, book cases, etc) that is not being used so I've decided to migrate all my sewing treasures into there.

On Tuesday I went shopping 'over the border' with a dear friend of mine and I picked up a perfect thread organiser - a six drawer stacking wheelie thing. Each drawer holds between 40 and 50 spools so is perfect for the two new sets of 50 spools of thread that I recently got. It was a little pricey at $34.99 but as I was pondering the purchase at the checkout a lovely lady at the next register came over and gave me a 40% off coupon. She said she only had a very small purchase and it would be much bigger saving for me! Wow! what a lovely lady, stitchers really are the nicest folk, aren't we?

After going around all the local Thrift stores looking for a small sturdy table and cupboards and shelves without any success at all, I was wondering what to do. I dicussed with DH my plans and he said not to mess around with oddments, just go to an office supply store and choose office furniture! OK, you don't have to tell me twice to go and shop, so I took myself off to the huge Staples and spent the best part of an hour pushing, pulling and shaking all the desks that they had in there. Well, the embroidery machine needs something very sturdy underneath with all that movement.

After writing plus and minus points on each one, I finally narrowed it down to three choices. Then based on the items in stock, down to just one. It will work perfectly, plus it has $100 off this week so bonus time! It has lots of shelves underneath, and the 'pull out keyboard shelf' will work wonderfully for scissors, seam rippers, etc. when I stick some non-slip drawer liner to it.

DH is working away this week and I've already got the bigger half built, and I don't think I need too much help to get the other bit done. I have to study the instructions a bit more first as the smaller side has two drawers and a cupboard, so some fiddling around with metal runners to be done.

I can't wait to get it all finished and then bring my beloved Futura into it's new home.

I've posted a photo of the half finished desk, watch this space for the finished thing next week!

Happy Sewing...

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Comment by Barbara Wong on February 6, 2011 at 5:48pm

Margaret, I can't seem to find the photos of your new sewing room.  Can you please point me in the right direction?  A desk seems like a very logical answer and I'd love to see yours.  Thanks!!

Comment by Kathy Edmonds on May 30, 2009 at 1:37pm
Where did you find you thread holder?

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