I'm new to these machines and I have just inherented the Iris and am trying to learn about the machine. I didn't get the owners manual. I'm going to try to find a downloaded for it on the interent. Wish me luck. Any information anyone could share would be great. Thanks Sharon

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Hi Sharon...Welcome!  I hope you have been able to find an owners manual download.  I am not familiar with the Iris but it is probably similar to the Rose.  I will Google it and check it out...Theresa

Hi, did you find the owners manual for the Iris machine? 

Have you gotten a chance to embroider any designs? :)

I was able to get my hands on the owners manual. I didn't know that the a design card was needed so after Christmas I need to purchase one. Also the hoops were not given to me as well and the person I got the machine from didn't know where they were. :( so my project is to get all the necessary thing to embroidery. I was excited then what a let down as I began to realize I really only can sew on it for now. But that's ok for now


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