15 years ago I bought my HV ROSE.

It's a hell of a machine.

Almost never fails, very less to the store to maintain, and it goes on and on!

I also have a Brother Innovis 4000D since a few years but that machine needs a lot of maintaining.

When that machine is in store I have my ROSE to embroider little things like cards aso.

For the rest I use it as a sewing machine almost every day, never failing.

The only thing I dislike is the fact you need a reader-writer to load cards.

The R-W I bought with the machine is not compatible anymore with my new pc.

So I have to buy a new one but that's very expensive.


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My generous sister gave me her Viking Rose along with everything she'd purchased to go along with it . ..  thread for a lifetime, huge rolls of different types of stabilizer, cd's full of embroidery files, software, etc. etc. Just as you mentioned, the reader-writer software she gave me wasn't compatible with my computer (even though my home computer is 12 years old!!). I did some researching online and found a pre-owned older version of "The Ultimate Box" on e-bay for $105 (plus $25 shipping). It works like a charm and I'm tickled pink to be able to use this machine! The only trouble I'm having now is with the instruction manuals that came with the Rose. They leave much to be desired! No wonder the company encourages you to sign up for classes!! I don't understand why some of the embroidery files don't give you a clear clue of the color sequences! Lots of trial and error happens!

wow Barbara you must have a very sweet sister!  I agree with you on the instruction manual and the color files...It's a lot of trial and error with the colors.  But if you have the basic Embird program you can print a design sequence page and follow the colors on the page as it sews out.  Go to www.secretsof.com to find out more info on Embird.  Also in Embird you can see a simulation of the stitch out as well.  

Yes, I do have a very sweet sister! She also gave me an old version of the Embird program so I will definitely try using it to print design sequence pages. Thanks so much for your suggestion. Yesterday I purchased several designs on sale and printed color photos of them along with color sequence lists in a word file so that should keep me busy for awhile! I have yet to actually create something other than a 'sample' piece!

Next, I need to execute a plan to redesign my sewing space so that the 3 sewing machines and 2 sergers are within easy reach of each other. That way the thread changes on the Rose would be more efficient! Currently, the machines are in two different rooms and I'm jumping back and forth between rooms and machines. :) A "command station" with a chair-on-wheels would do the trick!

Sounds like your almost there!  I know the two room frustratiion well.  I had to make some very tough decisions.  But, I finally got my sewing room all set up for somewhat efficent sewing, but decided three of my seldom used old first machines I had needed to go.  I sold them on Craigs list and bought the Brother pe-770 embroidery machine which has been a dream machine for me!  Now I am down to only machines I actually use in my tiny sewing room and I am much happier. But it was so hard to part with those machines let me tell you! lol  I love to quilt as well so I simply had to make more counter space.  I don't have expensive tables and cabinets. I bought used office depot metal pressed wood type tables and cutting mats from Joann's to cover the surface to rotary cut on.  I now have my old lap top with Embird close to my Brother machine and this works great so far.  There was one very old Singer machine I could not sell because my Dad bought it for me...she has to stay in the guest room...poor baby!  She is the machine I used to sew my binding on.

Yes, we DO have similar situations! I have a Viking Lily that I purchased 10+ years ago, which is fantastic for sewing thick layers of fabric, denim, leather, etc, plus it makes awesome buttonholes . . . then I purchased a 1965 Singer Touch-n-Sew at a yard sale for $20 a few years ago. It's a great machine for basic sewing and quilting. It's good to have a back-up machine, too . . . then along came the Rose, which will only be used for embroidery. My tables/desks are a mish-mash of yard sale finds. My cutting table is a 6-foot folding table with a vinyl surface, purchased at Sam's Club. My biggest obstacle is multiple hobbies--what was once a dedicated sewing room turned into a craft room and got taken over by rubber stamping and paper art supplies. The sewing stuff spilled over into my son's room when he moved out on his own. He's coming to visit this summer with his fiance and wants to stay in his old room, hahaha! Time for me to do some reorganizing.

Haa, yes we do have similar situations...I have a tiny guest room with a teeny tiny closet...um, it's full of finished quilts, batting, unquilted tops, dress dummy!  I have no idea where to put that stuff if a child has to move back home!!!  The good thing is the bed is ready at all times with a pretty seasonal quilt! :-)

His futon couch is still there and can quickly be made into a bed, so that's definitely a positive. I've even added a memory foam topper AND a feather topper since sleeping on that futon is like sleeping on a rock.  The upstairs of my house is 1/2 story with two small bedrooms and a larger storage room. My dream is to down-size the storage and move ALL of my sewing/crafting supples to the storage room :) The makeover will be refreshing! It's amazing what you can accumulate after living in the same place for 14 years!

oh, I know what you mean....we have been living here for 26 years!  This is an 80's style 3 br house with a basement/garage.  The attic is where the junk is from raising five kids.  Dread cleaning out that space, but it's my 2012 goal.  I have been cleaning out one closet a month and giving to Hope House.  So far I am doing well.


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