just bought a husqvarna 955e sewing/emb. machine. is this a desent machine? i got it threaded and sewed alittle, and no prob. but i need to invest in a card reader for it and its expensive. is the card reader hard to set up and use?

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I have a card reader for my babylock and they are awesome to use, but unfortunately the box itself stopped writing to the card (shortly after warranty ran out) I now use a computer to transfer designs to my machine. with the cost of laptops and even electronic notebooks dropping so fast you may want to invest in one of those for your sewing room. My machine also uses a memory stick option and will read a 250 mgb stick. The option to pay to have the box repaired was quickly thrown out. Hope this was helpful in some way.

Judy Mc
i have a super laptop, but this machine has no port
Is the reader just for your machine or does it covert other formats to .hus. which is your format. Look into Designers Gallery Cardworks which will convert all cards, so you can use a bernina card and convert it to .hus. Also there is the Magic Box. You still need a program to do layout . I think Vikings is called the Customizer. There really is no way to get out of some sort of layout program so you can combine designs or do some reducing or enlarging of the designs. I am sure I made this as clear as mud. Go to another dealer not Viking and see what is compatable with your machine. and compare Martha
I have husqvarna 955 sewing maching with a card reader. It works great, the card reader is a must if you want to take advantage of all the cute and wonderful designs on the web. It is real easy to use all you need to do is plug the card reader into a self-powered USB hub.connected to your computer.
I don't have that model but have had the #1 plus that used the card reader and was not hard to use, I know have the Designer SE since sept and have had to learn it all on my own being that I live in Costa Rica, but I love Husqvarna machines.

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