What happened to the Facebook free designs

For a couple days, I didn't collect the free facebook design, duplicate or some reason.  When I later decided I wanted the design offered, I got a notice I had to give out my facebook friends, personal ID and a lot of other items that I consider to be sacred, only to me.  Does anyone else have a problem with this or is it just me.  I do not really like facebook and the only real reason I have it is so I can communicate and know what my family members are doing.... it is basically family only so they have no interest in embroidery.   As days pass, it seems like this site is getting less valuable to me since now I can only get one design and I used to get more designs and would visit diffferent parts of the site and even send in information, but now it seems it is not worth going in as I have so much else going on.  The carrots are getting fewer and smaller.

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Comment by j stamel on February 2, 2012 at 5:50pm

I refuse to have anything to do with facebook twitter etc because its too easy for your personal info to be collected by professional hackers .Facebook is going to be listed on the stock exchange ,another reason not to use it, if you value your privacy

Comment by Carol Van Sickle on January 31, 2012 at 8:16am
Thanks Joyce, I liked the second facebook free design, but I do not really like Facebook.... only use it to basically keep up with my out of state family and son in military. Beyond that, I do not give out my personal information so thanks for your input. Just thought it might be something I was doing incorrectly as a couple days I didn't want the facebook designs and when I did want one, it was giving me a request for personal data....NO WAY Also, hope and pray you hve a quick recovery and out of your cast soon.....
Comment by Joyce Santoni on January 31, 2012 at 8:08am

hi carol please excuse typing errors hand in cast and typing a challenger

Just give up facook  think about how u kept in  trouch with family prior to facebook - u really don't need the stress of what is happing with the facebook site - the site constantly changes and wants more and more info from you

I keep in touch with family via e-mail and telephone calls.    for the few freedesigns from various sites the invasion of privacy is not worth it

have agood day   js

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