Hi.  I am brand new to this group and need help.  I have a Babylock Ellageo ESG.  Can anyone tell me what is the largest stitch count design this machine will embroider?  I am having trouble with the floppies.  Some designs get copied and others don't.  It may be that I have a new computer with Windows 7.  I had to buy an attached floppy drive (I gave away my old computer already...should have kept it for the floppies...).  By the way, all designs were downloaded in the PES format.  My dream machine is the Ellissimo, but now that I am no longer working, I can't quite justify it to my hubby... :o(  Thanks.    TENSI

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Comment by Rosemarie Rizzo-Davis on November 18, 2013 at 1:56pm

Hi, I have a Ellageo but mine is old. I also have windows 7 and had to buy a external floppy drive. I don't have any trouble getting designs to floppy or sewing off. Where did you buy machine, don't you have back up from store(to answer questions). I've sewn up 81,000 stitch design without problems.

Comment by BARBARA on August 31, 2011 at 4:17pm

No, I did trade in the old husband for a new one and he bought me my new machine.

Had the wrong one for 25 years and the right one for 6. I am serious.

Just wish I knew the good one before. LOL

Comment by GrandmaShari on August 31, 2011 at 11:55am
lol Barabra, I hope you meant to trade in the machine and not the husband.  Such a funny slip...lol
Comment by Patrice on July 28, 2011 at 6:22pm
If you go to emblibray.com under help. It will tell you what size your machine takes
Comment by Grandma Evelyn on July 13, 2011 at 1:27pm
I also have a Babylock Ellageo ESG and I haven't had any problems with it working with windows 7.  I would guess the problem is the size of the design is to big for the floppy disk.  I have put some fairly large file on my floppy and not had a problem.  I use floppies all the time because my machine does not have the ability to use a memory stick.  You might also try cleaning the floppy disk drive, that sometimes helps.  If it will fit in your largest hoop it should work.
Comment by BARBARA on June 28, 2011 at 5:29am


I have brother machines. Same as babylock just different name.

Just a thought....if you can make money with your machine, you can buy your own.

If your husband isn't a good one, trade him in.

I did!!! My new one bought me the PR600II  LOVE IT!!!

About floppys....they are not reliable.  Can your machine use a memory sitck?

Floppys sometimes work, sometimes don't.  Did your machine come with a guide book, maybe it says in there about how many stitches it can handle. If not, go to the site for the machine and ask.

My computer died so am on my daughters now.

I forgot about Monday nighy chat so here I am now, all alone. LOL

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