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Wow have you all seen....

We all love new and beautiful designs and SICK always has a lot of them for us. Thank you to all the digitizers, they are great!

Have you all seen the new Husky designs? They are so beautiful! Now if they would do some Cocker spaniel ones like Beautiful Corky.. simply beautiful!

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Happy Birthday to all those I missed

I had my computer crash on me and had to be on the laptop. For some reason I can't get the front page to load and so I never could leave the birthday wishes. I did think of you and hope that your birthday was wonderful.


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Wonderful day!

I have had a exciting and wonderful day. It started out when I picked up my three year old grandaughter, Emma for sunday school. We were practicing the Christmas pagent and Emma is really proud of being a sheep. As I was buckling her in I said "you are gonna be Grandma's star!" She said "no grandma, I am a sheep, not a star" I have been teasing her about this for the last couple weeks when she first was informing me that she was a sheep, not a star. So today I said "are you going to "baaa" when… Continue

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The Ghost in My Machine... a poem by GrandmaShari

The Ghost in My Machine

By Shari Gose

I love machine embroidery, I really do

But there is a story I will share with you

My house is small, the dining room a mess

It is where I do my sewing, as you may guess

It is in the center of my house, not much room to spare

But that Ghost in my machine, gives me quite the scare

It watches me closely so it will know if I leave

Then it pushes under the needle, the corner of the sleeve

I look…

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Halloween designs

Have you all seen the newest set of designs on SICK? The Halloween little witches... they are soooo cute! I can't wait to put them on something.. now just have to figure out what!

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Mystery Solved

My son's wedding was this weekend. It was up in the Big Horn Mountains at his fiance's grandparents cabin with no electricity nor running water, but a beautiful cabin that was built back in the 1850's and added onto in the early 1900's. The scenery was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing moose and elk. The family my son married into is wonderful with a great sense of humor. The long time neighbor and friend was the minister and he made the ceremony very enjoyable and funny. One thing he did do is… Continue

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Very cute RW bunnies

I love the cute RW Bunny designs that they put up on Sick today.... only problem is that they don't offer it in ART. Hey Shawn, is there anyway you could offer them in the ART format???


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Embroiderer's Nightmare

Embroiderer’s Nightmare

By Shari Gose

Machine embroidery, easy to do

Put in the design, it does it for you

Sounds so good, I decided to give it a try

Learning a lot as the days go by

First you learn about tear away, cut and WSS

Embroider towels without it, you’ll have a mess

Then comes the colors which are a nightmare

That is what brings about this poem to share

Lenin and beige is a good place to start

The difference is… Continue

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The Band-Aid Queen

The Band-Aid Queen

By Shari G.

Look around the house and you may find

Band-aids of every size and kind

Dora ones are what she likes the best

Looking for an “owie” she comes to test

She sucks in her breath, says a little “ow”

If there is a mark, she is most happy now

She wants a band-aid on each knee

Maybe there is a mark only she can see

Most likely it is all part of her pretend

No “Owie” there she has to mend

If her legs are… Continue

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We had the discussion about snow in the chatroom today so I decided to add this one to my poetry blogs


By Shari

It comes down all clean and white

Wind blowing with all its might

Making drifts three and four feet high

Making me want to sit down and cry

You want snow, is what you tell me

It would be so wonderful to see

You imagine picture perfect landscapes

Not the cold which…

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Little Hands

Little Hands
By Shari Gose

Little hands, little feet
A baby girl who is so sweet
Little eyes, little nose
My love for you only grows
Little mouth, toothless smile
For you I will go that extra mile
Little hands, little feet
How you made my life so complete

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A Grandmother's Love

A Grandma’s Love

By Shari Gose

Not all that long ago, I held my newborn son

Handsome and sweet, giggles and fun

I watched him grow into a fine young man

At 16, his love for Brianna began

Three years later, a gift they gave

A baby so sweet, my heart she did enslave

Emmalyne Lillian is as perfect as can be

Making a proud grandmother out of me

To hold her close and feel her touch

No other gift, could I enjoy this… Continue

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