I've created this thread to encourage members to post an introduction and allow us to have it organized under this thread.

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I have two Bernina machines:

1530 - I use for quilting and basic sewing, but it is basically a backup machine or a loaner. It just didn't seem worth the trade in value, so I kept it. I've really been happy with that decision too (to keep it).

730 - I use primarily use this machine for embroidery, quilting and sometimes for basic sewing.

And I have the Artista Designer Plus SW. I have been able to digitize basic designs and am continually to learn. While I like the training CD that Bernina provided, and I consider myself very PC literate, I'd like to take some SW classes. But I haven't been able to find any in my area. This is what triggered me to think that there could be benefits of creating a group forum on SICK to network with others that have this SW and/or Bernina machines.

I also have a Janome and a serger (which I rarely use, so I forgot which brand it is).

I'm recently retired (2007) and enjoy machine embroidery, quilting, scuba diving, traveling and spending time with family & friends. I also enjoy doing voluntary/charity work for various causes.
Welcome Ethel. I'm happy to have you join us.

Welcome to our new little group. Looks like you have the same machine and SW that I have. I too am learning to digitize, but have been able to do quite a few different types. But I'm far from becoming an expert. Ultimately I'm hoping we can create a forum to share tricks and learning opportunities....and make this group into a way to help those of us with Bernina and/or Designer Plus SW.

Do you have a current digitizing and/or embroidery project you are working on?

I have several embroidery projects that I'm working on, but my latest focus has been to create redwork style digitizing that I can use on quilt tops. I'm also trying to build my skill on digitizing for stitch angle, texture and colors (big step for me to do this without a manual).
Welcome Charlotte. Yes you may join our group of Bernina/Artista SW users. I too have the 730E.


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