I have a Baby Lock Ellegante and was stitching a design when I noticed the machine was on the opening screen.  I pushed the screen buttons to get back to my design but then it would turn off again and back on.  It continues to do this when I turn the machine off for extended periods.  Has anyone else had this happen or know what it might be?

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Yup - that's the embroidery module.  This is a hint from sales tech when I first purchased the Ellegante.  The little door that the connector of the module slides into - always make sure you open it - then slide in the connector until you hear it snap to ensure a firm connection.  When the module is not attached - make sure to keep that little door closed so lint doesn't collect in there which could interfere with a good tight connection.  Hope that makes sense.  Also when something crazy is going on - best thing to do is to turn off machine and even disconnect from power - let set for a while to let all settings have time to bleed out of the memory (just like our computers) - then  attach power cord, if going to embroider - attach the module - then turn on machine. 

Hope some of this helps.  One of the many improvements made with the Ellisimo is that little door automatically closes when the module is removed!

Happy stitching .......... Sonja



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