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I'm going to be making a t-shirt quilt (small one - somewhere between a lap quilt ans a twin size) for a friend. Can I completely make the top, layer the top, batting, and bottom, bind it, (thinking about making using the self binding way like some use on receiving blankets), and then carefully pin, hand baste, and machine embroidery some rw work designs through all layers to "quilt it"? It will be made from tees from a local college that have the basketball team's name on them, so I was thinking of using some rw basketballs, maybe some rw jerseys, embroidered on it instead of traditional quilting (I don't have a quilting machine and my embroidery machine is a 4x4). I would use a bobbin thread to match my bottom. Guess my question is will this work? Thanks for taking the time to read my question :)

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I just joined and saw your post.  I have made t-shirt quilts before and yes quilting with your emb machine will work as long as you have good support on the part of your quilt that is hanging around the hoop that allows the hoop to move as is needed to stitch the design. 

One thing about t-shirt quilts is that the fabric is stretchy and it needs to be stabilized so that you remove as much stretch from it as possible.  I use a very lightweight fusible stabilizer on each piece before I sew it together in the blocks.  If this is not done the longevity of your quilt will be short lived. 

Hope this help you out and is not to late for you to create the quilt that you want to have.

From everything I have read, it should work. I was on Embroidery.com recently and it said that if you embroider those designs through the top, batting and backing it WILL not need stabilizer and will look more quilted (rather than doing it before sandwiching it together). The RW should be PERFECT!

Good luck and report back as I am doing one for my daughter from her college T-shirts. My other daughter wants to do one with her late husband's shirts for his mom.

 I have made several T-shirt quilts.  Make sure that you use a good quality and suitable weight  fusible interfacing on each of the squares before assembling them.  This will prevent stretching as you sew and then as you embroider.  Good luck.

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