I bought a digitize logo he sent to me in a pes format when I download it it reads as a TXT FILE it will not open using my email box ..I had it sent to my friends email box and it open as a pes format..CAN ANY ONE TELL ME HOW TO FIX MY EMAIL BOX? thanks peggy jean

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I am guessing you've solved this problem already, Peggy Jean, because you posted this a while ago. But if anyone else runs into this same issue, I have two suggestions:

  1. Try changing the suffix of the file from *.txt to *.pes. You will get a warning message but just click okay. I'm not positive that it will fix the file, but it might.
  2. Ask the sender to put the *.pes file into a zip archive. I'm positive that will fix the problem. Be sure to download the zip (save it to your computer) before you extract the contents.

when nits sent let it download then open it from down load page  did your friend send it back as pes for you?

if not i think i can do it for you if you'd like,,, kwilder@va.metrocast.net put in subject line pes and ill open it and send it back you you to buy them sent to unzipped that will work as well  have you bought designs before ?

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