Duh - received an e-mail that another member left a message for me - oh, my, I have tried and tired, and have no idea what I am doing

I can get to my page, and I can see the name of the person who left me a message, but I can not figure out how to get to the message - I have clicked every button / link and get no where

Please someone e-mail me at momsantoni@yahoo.com and tell me what to do. if you put it in the chat I will not be able to figure out how to get it.

thank you every so much


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I am in the same boat. Help me -- bilbreyr@live.com
Rosie Bilbrey said:
I am in the same boat. Help me -- bilbreyr@live.com
I think there are a lot of us that can't retrieve our messages. I have one and I can't get it either
Hi Kkaren

Hip Hip Horray ! that is if you get this

I am not certain, but I think one only has a limited time to view any postings on this stupid thing -

On your message there was a little triangle with the words "reply to this" - however, the original message that I attempted to retrieve said something really stupid like it was posted 12 hours ago , and I had just gotten the e-mail message about it.

I think I will just ignore any more messages that come through this chat - it is really not worth all the time I have taken trying to figure this out. Unless it is a guaranteed Lucky Lottery Number that is going to be worth while - if I have an embroidery questions or issue, I can always go on line to a group and get an answer, or write any digitizier - they are always willing to assist.

Hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend

Don't feel bad... I have the exact same problem and I have even SEARCHED for the person's name who supposedly sent me the message & the 'search' doesn't find the name as being a "member" anywhere which seems really odd to me. I don't have any buttons or icons or anything like Margaret is talking about (bowling pins or red spots) either so I'm clueless.
I got one to, but it was a person sending a spam message to a lot of people and I think SICK removed the person and the messages from the forum.
Thanks Faery... at least I don't feel like it was just me. I use Firefox & have yet to figure out how to download a plugin it keeps asking for (Adobe Reader maybe) because it keeps telling me my security settings won't allow the download (apparently it's a problem for everybody)... anyhow, sometimes I don't get to see what I'm supposed to see on screens because of that. So I went back to my Internet Explorer & signed on to here & did see the 'bowling pin & red spot' Margaret was talking about but I don't use this "chat" much anyhow. I was just befuddled over the email I received from Tierney Mccall who, from the looks of it, doesn't exist.

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