Looking for an Ellageo ESg machine by Babylock

A friend of mine had an Ellageo ESg machine and had stopped using it because her life changed and she didn't have the time. I saw it and asked her to show it to me. She sewed on it for me; I saw her sew all kinds of pictures and images so easily.  I mentioned to my husband how much I liked it and he decided to purchase it from her as a gift to surprise me. BTW, I was delighted.

There is a sewing store nearby that is a Baby-lock dealer site and they offered lessons there. I took the machine and went for the first lesson. My teacher started to use my machine but she said the stitching didn't look quite right. She suggested we have the in house repair guy look at the machine for me and meanwhile finish the lesson on a similar machine. Long story short-- he says that it has a broken "outer rotary hook" (part number XC3185051. My Ellageo is over 10 years old and Baby lock no longer supports it or makes that part. So here I am with a wonderful machine that they say will not work.

I've been trying to find the part or a like part by a company named Brewer for over 6 months now. It seems pretty hopeless. I was thinking that if someone had a machine that was old and the computer went bad-- they may throw it out and get a more modern machine. I'd gladly purchase a broken machine so I could get the part I need and start embroidering.

Can anyone suggest a place where I might post a note-- looking for an Ellageo ESg machine for parts. I just don't know what to do and I really want to use this machine. It's hard to believe it is so broken because I saw the previous owner sewing on it just days before the purchase. I have never sewn a stitch on it myself and am feeling like this store might be trying to talk me into a more modern machine by some sort of evil enterprise.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions you might have. PLEASE!

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I really wish I could help you . You said your friend sewed on it and everything came out well. I would check with someone else to see if you really need this part replaced/ or just keep sewing on as long as projects come out the way you want them to.

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