I bought a Singer XL-400 and so far have not been able to embroidery with it. I did the download recommended. Ran the C.D. but still have an issue with needles breaking and check top thread. I have checked many times and it is threaded right. Can anyone help me? Thank`s

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I don't own a singer but... What designs are you trying? Sometimes amateur designers don't produce very good designs. Too bulky. They make to many stitches which will all ways break your thread.

Another reason is your thread is too old and it breaks easy but it has to be pretty old or been sitting in the sunlight and dust has wrecked the threads. Highly unlikely though.

Have you made sure your thread is allowed to freely move. Some use special stands I just use a plastic container. If it has to pull hard to get the thread it will break.

I wish you luck on your singer :) I hope for your sake singer has changed. If it is still new you can still return it and get your money back. 

I don't know how the singer is now but about 8 years ago I bought a singer that embroider. The first time I used it did the same thing. Because my first machine was a singer (many many moons ago:)) And I didn't realize how bad it was until I bought my Janome. This time I didn't want to take any chances... so I returned it. I ended up buying a brother HE 240 cheaper one and I just love it. Never had or have any problems with it so far ( 8 years ) 

Good Luck and Happy Easter

Did you remember to lower the feed dogs?

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