Hi  does  anyone  know  of a  site that sells  colored toilet paper   2 ply  for  embroidering  on ?  I was looking and  WOW   2 rolls  of  2ply   colored toilet paper  is   $15 US  dollars ...  Really  ... Im  seriously  thinking  of    borrowing  $$  from   inlaws to  invest  in   some cases  to resell   if   I can get  cheap enough ....  all colors  too   ... Anyone interested  in   this  as I am .. i know  its  potty   humor  but   someone has to be the bearer  of   the butt  jokes   why not me ..   Just  wondering  who  would  be interested  in this ?  I know I am  soo   into  making  joke and gag  gifts   for  family and friends ..  People  ask  me for   colored tp... but have not seen it since   late  70's  early  80's   sold  in  USA...  any  suggestions   Please ~~~~  Thanks    Terri

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Never heard of it!

I haven't heard of it either.  I have, however, embroidered on toilet paper a few times.  I watched a short video on pinnterest and did some for Christmas.  I recently did one for my daughter's birthday.  They can be nice on white.

I think the colored toilet paper went out in the 90's when people started becoming more environmentally conscious. The dyes were a potential hazard to water and wildlife. 

I seem to remember the ban on color-printed toilet paper due to a connection with colorectal cancer, they thought.  That was well before the '90's I believe, but time has a way of getting away from me!  I imagine the environmental hazards reinforced getting rid of it. 


I was gifted some with embroidery on it in the 90's - tho someone could have stocked up when they learned it was no longer going to be available. Time does get away from me too!  I think we've established that it hasn't been available for a while for several reasons.

I remember back in the 60's, we banned colored toilet paper because it was believed to increase the cases of colorectal cancer. 

What I do is use colored tulle to do the embroidery on, then wrap the toilet paper in it with a bow on top, OR use the wraps that are removable and reueable to do your embroidery on......

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