I am looking for input.


I want to buy an embroidery machine and don't want to spend a lot of money. 

I am looking at the Brother Machine 950D and the Baby Lock, Sofia both around the same price.


Does anyone own these machines and can tell me about them.




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I had a Singer CE200 for several years and wore it out.  I then bought a Husquvarna Viking N/Class 600E and I love it.  I can do digitizing right from the machine program and have done logos for local businesses in my area.  The Machine is user friendly but it needs a computer to do designs as it doesn't have a screen itself... I like that better as it is easier on my eyes being able to use a large screen computer.  I had a chance to get a used one of the same model for really cheap, due to the dongle format being bad, so the dongle that I already had works for both.  I use both machines at the same time.  Also my machines have speed adjustments depending on where the slider is set, so no limits to slow, medium or fast.  These machines have over 100 fancy stitches if they are used as a normal sewing machine, which I only use them for embroidery.  This model is no longer made by Husqvarna-Viking, but is now made by Singer.  I know the question was about Brother or Janome, but I looked at the Memory Craft before getting my first Singer machine and they were very limited in a lot of ways as only embroidery machine and not also for sewing.   Also, a bonus to my two machines is that I have a 4x4 hoop and then also an 8x11 hoop that is programmable to roughly 8x22 or 16x22 by re-hooping.  I have the ability to make large designs but considering the stabilizer, thread, and such, I basically just use the hoops at the basic design size.   I am an experienced seamstress, and doing embroidery all the time and I am very happy with my machine.  One nice thing the Singer machines do is have a continuous hoop which my machines do not have and that is nice for long borders if doing valances, table clothes and such.  I recommend checking out the Singer top of the line for what if offers and then make a list, go see what other machines of other brands offer and you will have a great list to start with. 

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