I am looking for input.


I want to buy an embroidery machine and don't want to spend a lot of money. 

I am looking at the Brother Machine 950D and the Baby Lock, Sofia both around the same price.


Does anyone own these machines and can tell me about them.




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You need to make a list of what you want out of your machine. My husband bought my first Embroidery machine, and I found that I was disappointed in what I got, but happy to have an Embroidery machine. Some things to think about. What are the size limitations (Mine does nothing bigger that 4x4) Does it have a card or usb? Is it upgradable? May not be as mportant to some people? Can I get a used one at my local dealer or sewing center? How far do I have to go to get it repaired? Can my regular repair person repair it or does it need to be shipped or driven across the state? Can I "test" them on a day I have nothing else to do at my local sewing center? Go to your local sewing center and ask them to tell you about the likes and dislikes or other owners. Ask them what they recommend. Shop around at other sewing centers if possible. I have a Brother Project Runway Limited Addition LB-6770. Limited in many ways. Also look them up on line and find out what all comes with it and what its features are. How many hoops come with it?

I hope you get answers from those who own one to these and many other questions.

Good Luck!!

Brother and babylock are the same machine. Usually the babylock is priced higher. I always buy brother.
Most important is the repair service!!!!  We moved from Illinois to Indiana and now have to drive 100 miles round trip to get things done.  I have the Ult 2002D and the PR600II.  I am planning to get the new Quatro2 for Xmas.  I love brother machines.  Look for specials that include a package deal with the software also. Usually the store will give a discount of supplies and thread for buying machines also.  My dealer does the repairs from all over Chicago. He is the place that everyone sends their machines to. You can get a refurbished machine from him too. People trade theirs in to upgrade and he resells them with guarantees. Good service is most important.

I have a 900 and love it, BUT have found it to be too small. Didn't think I would ever get into quilting when I brought it.  Now looking at the 1500D or 4000D. (Australian machines) can afford the 1500 but the 4000 is my dream machine.


My 900 has done every thing I have asked of it and lost more. Would recomend it. xxx 

Are all these machines mentioned, Brother machines?

I have a Memory Craft 10000 and it works great.

I have a brother pacesetter and I love it. I wanted one that would sew and embroidery because I live in a small house and don't have room for 2 machines. I bought my machine used from a dealer. I've had it about 4 years and it works like a dream. I had a Kenmore regular sewing machine it was about 20 years old and served me well but the brother sews so much more evenly and plus it embroiders. Hope this helps you in your decision.

I had a Brother Disney machine and was not happy, always needed repair.  I traded it in for a Bernina Artista 630 (combination embroidery and sewing) and LOVE it.  I really think you get what you pay for when it comes to embroidery machines.  Plus when you buy from a Bernina dealer they give you classes on how to use you machine and you can take them over as many times as you want.

I had a Baby Lock Sophia and it only did the 4x4 and then I upgraded to the baby lock Ellure and and it does the 5x7 and it has been great. The Brother I had I had horrible customer service and brother you will most likely have to send it out to have anything done to it. Baby Lock most dealers who sell them will repair them and they have great customer service. Yes Brother and Baby Lock are the same company but the service departments are completely different. My Mom has a Phaff and a Viking and she loves both of hers, it comes down to what you want to do and then you decide. Country Girl and Barbara have great advise too.

If two machines you like are about equal in price, go with the one with free classes and service.  Ask around about service.  

Also take in your own fabric to test on the machines.  Make a list of all of the features you want before you go to the stores.  Take home test samples on each machine attached to a brochure.  Re-evaluate the machines.  Go back as many times as you need to.  If they pressure you or are resistant to taking time with you--that's not the dealer for you.

You need to feel comfortable with your dealer.

The sofia only has a 4x4 embroidery field, it is also a sewing machine as well as embroidery.  the last time i priced one it was around 900.00 USD  There is a Brother PE770 that runs around 700.00 USD and it has a 5x7 embroidery field but is only embroidery not the sewing/embroidery combo.

I am not familiar with the Brother 950D  hope ther si someone that can fill you in on that one.


Hope you find one soon.


I sew on the Sofia all the time and like it a lot.  It's well built, solid and user friendly.  Given a choice, I would pick BabyLock every time!

i own a brother 1700d an I love it.. i can do all hoop sizes up to a six by ten.. only one i cant do is a 8x8 but it works like a charm an so simple to use... enjoy...

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